Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is a common ailment and a painful one at that. Tiny stones composed of salt and mineral accumulate in your kidney, some of which pass on their own. However, at times there are multiple stones or they are too big to pass and can cause severe pain and discomfort. The process that usually follows to get rid of kidney stones is not only time consuming but can also hurt your pocket. You may have to visit a doctor who will prescribe pain relief medicines and if required a surgery to remove the stones. This would mean hospital bills, break from work and other problems. The good news however is there are home remedies for kidney stones which are effective and can help you pass the stones sans surgical procedure.

Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Natural treatment using regular home products does not cause any side effects and is safe for your body. If you or someone in your family is suffering from kidney stones do not forget to drink plenty of water. Fluids help to flush out the salts and minerals in the urine so that they cannot form crystals. Water is undoubtedly the cheapest and surest way to keep stones at bay. You should drink about 8 glasses of water a day not only if you have stones but also as a preventive measure. You can also consume citric acid-based juices such as orange or lemon juice which fights stone formation or dissolves them quickly.

The other effective home remedies for kidney stones are a concoction of olive oil and lemon juice. This is a traditional treatment used for years in many households and has a positive effect. You should administer 3 to 4 tablespoons of this mixture thrice daily till the stones pass. If you are wary of drugs and medicines and want to stay away from the surgery room, you will be surprised to know that your local supermarket can be your solution to kidney stone. Bring home a fresh, juicy watermelon and slice it up as a tasty snack. Watermelon has potassium which is good for your kidney and maintains the acid balance in your urine. You can combat kidney stone problem by using natural methods and ingredients.

Nettle leaf produces more urine and you can therefore consume nettle leaf tea if you are not satisfied with your urine output. If pomegranate is your favorite fruit you can bring home all you want if you have kidney stone because pomegranate juice aids in fighting the pebbles in your urine so that you can pass them naturally. Apple cider vinegar which is easily available in stores near you also has stone dissolving properties. You have to drink it raw thrice or four times a day. You can try a combination of the natural products along with adequate fluids for best results. For example, you can drink lemon juice and olive oil mixture along with apple cider vinegar, or eat watermelons and pomegranate juice.


Kidney stones may not be life threatening but they are recurrent and if you do not exercise caution they can form again in your kidney and give you a difficult time. Administering over the counter drugs or prescribed medicines over a long period of time can be harmful for your body. But resorting to home remedies for kidney stones using natural methods, fruits and leaves are a great solution and can be practiced regularly without any risk of side effects. Natural treatment will only boost health and keep you fit mentally and physically. Plenty of rest, exercise along with natural remedies are a cure and a long-term solution for your kidney stone.

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