How to prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones can strike you at any age and cause unbearable pain that may require medication or surgery. The tiny pebbles that form in your kidney can be single or multiple ones. It is also a recurring ailment and if you have suffered from kidney stones even once in your life, you are at a risk for further occurrences. It is up to you however to nip the problem in the bud so that your kidney is in a perfect working condition and prevents further stone accumulation. At this stage an obvious question that will cross your mind is ‘how to prevent kidney stones?’ You can take a number of simple precautionary measures so that you can keep kidney stones at bay.

Prior to practicing precaution you should know what causes kidney stones. This will give you an idea about what not to do if you are prone to the ailment. You cannot pinpoint the cause of the stones without proper examination. There are different types of stones such as uric acid stone (due to lack of enough fluid), cysteine stones, struvite stones (in people who have urinary tract infection), or, the more common calcium stones caused by calcium oxalate in urine. Identifying the kind of stones will help you take necessary measures so that such stones are not formed in the future. You can avoid kidney stones by making a few dietary changes or introducing new food items in your diet that are kidney friendly.

Water is the best possible solution which not only combats stones but, also has other health benefits and makes sure that you do not develop any kidney related illness. If your water intake is less, fill in a measuring bottle and take in a sip every now and then. You can also set reminders in your phone or tablet so that you know you are getting plenty of fluid. You can also drink lemonade or orange juice that prevents stone formation. However, be wary of the sugar content in the store-bought juices and try making your own at home using honey or other sugar substitutes.

Since calcium stones form more often than others and are a result of oxalate in your urine, cut down on oxalate rich food items including nuts, chocolate, beet, soy products etc. This does not mean you should stop eating them entirely. You can consume them in moderation and with other food types so that they do not crystallize in your kidney. Sodium is another factor that leads to kidney stones because the stones are composed of salt and minerals. Avoid consuming excess salt and stay away from salty food and especially junk food. Do read the packaging labels to know what and how much of sodium you are consuming so that you can slowly cut back on them.

If kidney stone is a chronic problem and you are fed up of the medications and pills that you may have to pop more often than desired, you can use natural methods to prevent kidney stones. What you eat and drink has a direct connection with the question, ‘how to prevent kidney stones?’ You should try and eat food rich in magnesium such as avocadoes, green vegetables, whole wheat etc. You should also limit sucrose consumption and lead a healthy life. You should not only pay attention to your diet but should regularly exercise too. Tiny steps in the right direction will leave behind permanent footprints for others to follow and steer your life towards having good kidneys and overall good health.

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