Small ureteral stones silent killer

Ureteral stones is a benign disease. The flow of urine get stuck due to urinary stones, obstructing during urination, pain, water retention in the kidneys, more serious infections may cause urine, even that can cause cancer.

Small ureteral stones

When Stone exist in the ureter:

The flow of urine has stuck and stasis partially or completely will cause gradual or rapid decline kidney function. The phenomenon of declining renal function due to the gradual accumulation of urine or acute conditions causes destruction of the glomeruli on corpuscle, macroscopic phenomena over long pyelonephritis, renal stretch thinner. When stagnant urine in the ureter on gravel stages and stations renal pelvis will cause increased pressure on the gravel road and secretion of an impact on the sensory cells. At the same time, the cells of the ureters increase prostaglandin release peristaltic contractions contribute ureteral stones pushed down causing renal colic.

Small ureteral stones (size <5mm): the inorganic components can be seen by the naked eye to be able to come out of the way excrete waste.

– Stone <4mm,  80% can escape from itself.

– Stone 4 ​​to 6 mm, 59% can escape from itself.

– Stone > 6 mm, the percentage escaping only 21%.

Ureteral stones are usually not obstructing the flow of urine completely,
or only a fraction caused congestion. Therefore, patients often do not have renal colic, renal colic or transient. Patients often tolerate or ignore symptoms and rarely in hospital treatment, or follow-up diagnostic hospitalized, but conscious of poor health or economic conditions for treatment in hospital often will not comply treatment regimen. Consequently patients with ureteral stones smaller untracked and treatment, By time, the degree ascending and dysfunction if stones not go down to the bladder.

The small ureteral stones are not moving downwards usually angular stones, sticks to the ureter or stones causing inflammation, swelling, narrow stone bottom. Adhesion on ureteral stones, under stones gradually narrowed, Proportional by time relative size stone rise more or less level with hydronephrosis – kidney dysfunction.

The consequence of small ureteral stones:

1. The flow of urine stasis due to ureteral stones::

+ impairment of renal function
+ Hypertension due to renal atrophy, chronic kidney inflammation – dysfunction
+ kidney of ureteral stones impaired of renal function, loss of function.

2. Inflammation of the narrow ureter stone segments immediately below.

3. Urinary tract infections upstream:

+ Retrograde infections, urinary tract infections.
+ kidney of ureteral stones got stasis and pus.

Small ureteral stones is considered a silent killer because It does not have much symptoms and does not get pain too much, impair kidney function – hydronephrosis parties stone slowly thereby causing chronic interstitial nephritis, kidney pus , .. so scary consequences like kidney dysfunction, hypertension.

Therefore, once diagnosed ureteral stones with a size small even without low back pain, no renal colic, patients need physician counseling treatment regime, the regime of activities – labor – food and reasonably track aimed at expelling stones out. Aggressive treatment and monitoring rational help patients avoid these unfortunate consequences.

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