What causes Kidney Stones? Measures to prevent and treat

What causes kidney stones is the deposition of these substances could have dissolved in urine, for some reasons it has crystallized, deposit and make stones in the kidneys, depending on time, location and size getting the stones small or large.

what causes kidney stones

The formation of kidney stones

The water from the blood vessels that permeate kidney cells, urinary excretion through the kidney tubules inside the kidney, according to excretory tubes (ureters) into the bladder and out. Stones formed move in any position on the way of the urine and It is called kidney stones, ureteral stones or bladder stones. However, given the structure of the kidney has many nooks, crevices which makes the deposition prone to stones larger.

The causes of kidney stones:

1. Kidney stones by deposition: Since you do not drink enough water, especially for the hard labors or for busy hard working labors all day long.

Because urinary tract malformations that urine does not drain off, stored for a long time, stagnate and stone formed.

Due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, fibroids grown up inside the bladder causes urine deposited in crevices.

You have injured and must be stay in a place (such as a thigh injury) and patient drinking more milk, less water. This case is also easy to produce kidney stones.

2 Unsuitable Diet: Your diet is not balanced, for example you eating too much meat, or vice versa, overeat vegetables are also the cause of kidney stones.

3. Genital Infection: It is more common in women than men . When It is not cleaned regularly, bacteria have a chance to invade cause urinary tract infections, produce pus… thereby forming stones.

Kidney patient age :

Usually stones began to appear in people in their 20s, but also in some cases, It happens to children aged 5. According to statistics, women get more kidney stones than men.

Signs of kidney stones:

  • Intermittent pain, pain in the pit first waist, then spread to the abdomen, lower abdomen and thighs down. That’s because the button gravel as cork,causing the urine can not exit. When urine is blocked more or less will create different pain.
  • You get one side pain due to kidney stones on one side, and if get pain at both kidney stones, the patients will hurt both sides at the same time of the lumbar pit.
  •  Haematuria caused by stone and into the ureter, causing scratched and bleeding and pee hurts.

Back pain suffering from kidney stones is difficult to distinguish than other illnesses pain. So when you get back pain, should go to the doctor immediately for diagnosis, if you suspected It is kidney stones should be ultrasound, chest X-rays to be treated promptly.

How to get rid of kidney stones?

With small stones, you can just drink more water or drink diuretics natural to stimulate the secretion.

Patients can also prescribe muscle relaxants to not spasms ureters, and diuretics to stone out.

After medical treatment as above without result, patients need surgical intervention methods:

Endoscopic lithotripsy: Using the endoscope inserted through the urinary tract, lithotripsy and suction or pick stones out. This method is also modern, less painful and patients without incisions on the body.

Kidney stone removal surgery: This is a classic method for hundreds of years. This method can cause complications such as bleeding, infection, urine leakage, systemic infection, a long recovery time, takes about 3-4 months. Especially prone to bleeding from the renal artery and aortic stick is just about 2 cm renal stem, just a little diversion is causing artery rupture, massive bleeding and death. This method is now largely no longer applies.

what causes kidney stones

Kidney stone removal surgery

ESWL can: The Lithotripsy Machine emits laser or shock wave, breaking the surface of stone, crushed stones like sand, like flour and excreted via urine. Patients almost painless. This method applies to patients with stone approximately 3 cm. Many people fear lithotripsy will cause breakage kidney. This is a misconception because the lithotripsy machine emits laser or shock waves very strong but not breaking the softness of skin, intestines, liver, kidneys but affect directly into the stones.

Percutaneous lithotripsy: Using pipe has diameter of 10-15 mm put through a punched hole in the back. The pipe has electrode bombard the stones directly then put the water into the pipe to expel stone out. This method is quite modern, highly successful results.

Notice: Patient should drink plenty of water, stop going to pee for accurate ultrasound results. The stones after being comminuted come out fast or slow depending on location and size. Lithotripsy can be repeated as directed by your doctor. After each lithotripsy, remember to drink plenty of water.

The best natural remedies: 
The natural remedy that has benefitted many helps dissolve the stone or break it down so that the pain subsides and eventually they pass out from your body with urine. It works on a simple logic; the remedy smoothens the sharp edges of the stones that primarily cause pain and, when you keep administering it, the stone is dissolved to dust so that they can easily pass with the urine from your body.
Advantages of such prescribed natural remedies for kidney stones are:

1.  They are well-tested to offer proven results
2.  They are painless
3.  They work quite fast
4.  They are cheap and effective
5. They don’t have any side-effects.

Try the natural remedy today and do not forget to drink plenty of water for best results. Learn more about the best natural remedies click here

How to prevent kidney stones:

  •  Eating balance 4 food groups (flour, sugar, fat, vitamin), should not bias a type of food, horticulture.
  •  Drink plenty of water (2-3 liter /day). Divide time for drinking several times a day.
  •  If you get fibroid tumors of prostate gland go to surgery it right away
  •  If urinary tract malformations must be orthopedic surgery.
  •  Keeping clean (especially for women after giving a birth), not using dirty water to clean the body.

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